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The iPad – 5 Reasons Why its a Killer Product

There is a revolution in being able to hold something as fluid, advanced and convenient as the iPad while comfortably leaning back in your chair versus hunching over to use a laptop.  The iPad represents a new computing space.  A space that has been created by our rapidly progressing content consumption trajectory coupled with the inadequacy and discomfort of using the iPhone or laptop in all circumstances.  This dynamic has created the need for a device that will keep us connected, consuming, working and playing in more as well as new capacities.  If you don’t have that need yet, you will eventually, because your busy lives will drag it into being sooner or later.

Here are five reasons why the iPad will penetrate and create a new computing space.

Apple iPad

Better Vehicle For Multi-Media Content Consumption

The portability, ease and beautiful display of the iPad make conducive for better consumption of multi-media content in casual settings. Nothing else comes close.  You can’t do it with the iPhone and you won’t (or don’t want to) do it with the laptop.

Practical, Functional, Intelligent Portability

Its unique sense of portability will penetrate key spaces, such as doctors offices, restaurants, the workplace, your home, etc — because it works, its cool and you can carry it with just one hand.  Imagine a waiter taking your order at a neat new restaurant.  That kind of penetration.

Better Than the Kindle


For the digital book reading market, it simply annihilates any other product — by miles.

Innovative Apps

The applications will soon arrive and they will leverage the fact that the iPad is mobile yet large enough to offer serious computing– a brand new dynamic.  New and existing tasks will migrate from laptop and iPhone computing to the iPad.  Imagine leaning back in your couch and flipping through a digital magazine or a new picture album.  The iPad offers a better experience for those simple acts.

Its Cool

iPad by AppleThere is something magical about holding and manipulating the Internet and various kinds of content in your hand in the way the iPad offers.  The hardware is practically non existent — feeling as if you are interacting with the application and content directly.  No mouse, no keyboard, no monitor, no wires, nothing.  Pretty cool.

On a macro level the iPad is not meant to replace the laptop or the iPhone. It is made for a new space. The casual, travel, leisure space where you can’t consume content via the iPhone and you won’t bother with a clunky laptop. The first generation has a lot of growth to do such as 3g (soon to arrive), a camera (coming), flash video (solution coming) and other features that will be added in over time. However, when the price drops and the features are there it will simply make sense to get one.

On a micro level, if you’ve formed your opinion without having held or used one — Go and hold one first.

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